Abuja, Nigeria

During a time when businesses and government agencies around the world are battling with security challenges ranging from cyberattacks, to insurgencies, to occupational fraud and abuse. The sophistication nature of these crimes is better imagined due to the advancement in technology and human greed.

While threat prevention and detection are a year-round endeavor, Forensics science provides a great opportunity to spotlight this serious problem and stress the importance of the unlimited resources and capabilities of these tools. Businesses and organizations who are involved in this campaign show an understanding that using forensic science to solve crime is key in combating the worldwide threat.

The F&BI Forensic Laboratory, one of the privately owned laboratories is not limited to only some specific tools, but all the equipment and solutions that are necessary to cover all forensic functions, except DNA and Ballistics. It was created to take care of the many challenges associated with forensically obtaining, extracting, Analyzing and processing evidence from computer systems and phones. The combined experience both in technology and legal procedures seats F&BI as the expert that other experts turn to, to enhance their evidence capabilities when pursuing civil or criminal charges.

The lab is comprised of six service divisions specializing in: 

  • The Cybersecurity Centre
  • Digital Forensic Room
  • Questioned Document Examination
  • Fingerprint Analysis Room
  • Forensic Accounting Room
  • COMINT Room