Abuja, Nigeria


Forensics & Business Intelligence (F&BI) is a private corporation registered under the Corporate Laws of Nigeria, comprised of attorneys, retired law enforcement, and intelligence personnel. It grew out of the need for highly trained and vetted professionals who are partnering with Forensic Hardware and software developers to provide real-time intelligence and investigative skill set, using the knowledge of science.

Our services is STRICTLY for Law Enforcement, Security Agencies and Financial Industry regulators; to help them generating intelligence and resolving complex investigations. Most often investigators are helpless due to lack of adequate knowledge and tools to crack a complicated case. This is a challenge that F&BI is here to address.

Having understand how valuable information is, perhaps your livelihood, your memories, your connections and in worst-case scenarios your evidence. Most times it is all of the above. Together with one of our partners MH-Services GmbH, we introduced Forensic Data Recovery services to help clients recover lost data, using our hardware-software solution for on-site data and evidence recovery from logically or/and physically damaged SATA/PATA*/USB Hard Disk Drives, NVMe/SATA Solid-State Drives, and RAID.

The Digital Forensic Laboratory arm was created to take care of the many challenges associated with forensically extracting and Analyzing evidence from computers and phones. The lab is comprised of three service divisions specializing in Forensic Data recovery, Digital Forensic Investigations and Financial Data Analysis. The combined experience both in technology and legal procedures seats F&BI as the most qualified expert that other experts turn to in order to enhance their evidence capabilities to pursue civil or criminal charges.

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